Friday, March 14, 2008

ShareThis raises $15 million

Well, hell.
11 days ago, I called it a funky tool.
11 days later, the funky tool raised $15 million (in addition to its earlier $6 million).

Congratulations, ShareThis. Go in peace.

But hey, you rich folks at Draper Fischer and what not.....check this out: I just made the same tool in 25 minutes and a $0 investment. It works across many different content types, not just URLs. And I could've added 20 more platforms, but was a little bored and running out of real estate on my web page.

Oh and that's not half the story- our CTO is about to get medieval with this, with a pair of pliers and a blow-torch.

He's going to:
a. Let users add in their own choice of sharing platform into our widget. Beat that.
b. Build us a facebook app that incorporates this widget, so we won't really need to be in "talks" w/ pimple-face-berg.

So lemme aks u dis: can ye kick mah ass??!!


Riff said...

all right CTO!! we wait with bated breath!

Chief Outhouse Correspondent said...

The Price Paid for Stability is Inefficiency. Sign me up.

Ian Bruk said...

Your post left me the impression that the VC's might have made a mistake investing $15 million in ShareThis if you can do the same thing so much cheaper.

I responded with a quote from Vinay Gupta "The Price Paid for Stability is Inefficiency" because your post might scare some VC's into not investing at all, i.e. keep things stable. This, however, will lead to inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

A better plan is to identify efforts by people who get "it". I say "it" because, as Margaret Atwood said, you don't always have the words to describe a movement until after the movement has happened. You can sometimes only go on instinct. My instinct is that you people get it. The "Sign Me Up" meant I'm interested in participating, as I would bet other people are, in what you are doing .