Sunday, March 23, 2008

FICCI-Frames: Live coverage

(As you may have noticed, we never returned from tea...technical delays and I promise to plan better next time around).

---Break for tea. Resume at 12.30pm----

OPENING SESSION: 9:30am - 12:10 pm

Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Entertainment

"9 years ago, when Frames was first held, Internet was merely a medium. Today, it is an economy."
"Today, everything is entertainment - News, Crime, Wars, Sports, Education, everything!"
"HUman mind moves in arithmetic progression. Technology grows in Geometric progression"
"MOre than arithmetic, Culture is going to be the global forces of the coming century. Fortunately for India, we already are a powerhouse in this force."

"I believe people in the future will agree to receive services in exchange for their attention. Monetizing that attention is the future of business.

"Internet is a copy machine. It is an invitation for people to take the easy routes. But people will slowly learn that when you start riding a tiger, unless you learn how to ride the tiger, you'll get eaten up."

"Mindshare grabbing is the way to grabbing a share of the wallet."

Top entertainment trends for the coming decade:

1. New digital technologies reshaping logistics of entertainment. Traditional media will have to adapt to new technologies to remain competitive.
2. Convergence of Internet with other media will pave the future of the industry
3. On demand interactive content will become the standard.
4. Movie theatres will get introduced to satellite download of movies.
5. More powerful, smarter multimedia devices to experience the new era of entertainment content.
6. Digital TV to provide realitme participation with celebrities.
7. Convergence of entertainment and education
8. Producers of any form of art will have to adapt new technologies.

HE Viviane Reding, Commissioner, Information, Society & Media, European Commission

"Culturally, Europe and India are very similar. Indian constitution recognizes 22 offical languages. EU recognizes 22 offical languages. India is a republic for 60 years, Europe is a confedration for 50 years, and more so.. However, we are a Continent of 500 million and you are a nation of more than double!"

"Censorship is the bane of good films everywhere in the world"

"We want our film makers to learn in your schools and your film makers to learn in our schools"

"Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden - leaders in Broadband penetration, higher than US. "

"Europe has the Highest mobile penetration in the world. India to become the Mobile contintent of the world. Why not bring the 2 together and mutually benefit?"

HE Dominique Dreyer, Ambassador of Switzerland to India

"Switzerland owes a lot to Mr. Yash Chopra for putting our geography onto the world map through his movies. Hopefully sometime soon, someone in the Swiss Govt. will decide to name one of our mountains after Mr. Chopra!"

Asha Swarup, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India

"Financial SOPs had been requested - Finance Ministry has obliged with certain measures in Union Budget 08."
"Don't create an inspector Raj"
"Indian entertainment industry poised to grow faster than the Indian economy"
"Parallel release on multiple platforms only solution to piracy"

Stewart Beck, Asst. Deputy Minister, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.
"India invested $5 billion in Canada in 2007"

Amit Mitra adds:
"In 2007, India invested more in UK than UK did into India.
India invested $10.6 billion into the US while USA invested $856 million into India"