Wednesday, March 19, 2008

full figure bra stores in arizona

I am so not joking: this ad just showed up next to a dynamic content page on the WeareIndia dev. site.

This was a page filled with a lot of movie trailers, and none of the videos had any meta information, except for "Alexander", starring Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins, and Angelina Jolie.

Anal as I am about these things, I did a full search on the page for anything that might have caused Google to contextualize the ad thus.

No mention of a "bra", "arizona", "figure"...etc...anywhere across the page.

This is silly. Maybe Shopzilla pre-seeded their search w/ the phrase.
I think I'll just ban them, for screwing with my contextualization efforts.

Heh. :)

First advertiser to be banned from WeareIndia.TV: Shopzilla, a seller of full-figured brassieres in Arizona.


Shayon™ said...

dude...wot happened to the mumbai bloggers' meet?

preetam said...

it's on! april 20th it is.

i believe we're going to see invites going out very soon.

do make it, if you can?