Saturday, March 1, 2008

Countdown to launch: 10......

Okay, launch proceedings for WeareIndia.TV is underway.

Launch notes// Count 10.

a. For YOUR information
Initial features will be straightforward. We're going to build this up incrementally.

Focus points:
- video playback
- publisher listings
- video listings
- e-mail, commenting, favorite-ing (for logged-in viewers only0
- search, filter, sort
- IMDB-style linked navigation

b. For OUR information
Bug fixes in progress. Part of our aim-small, miss-small strategy. We will attempt 100% bug-free launches w/ every iteration.

Focus points:
experimenting with different players. Should we go for plain-Jane simple? Should we go for hot, but complex?
- UI issues...making sure the experience is perfect. Pages should load quickly, nothing too graphic intensive, links should work all around, etc.
- Interactions...making sure the interaction process is smooth. We're going to make sure it's easy and intuitive to interact with the platform. No pop-ups, some Ajax, easy browsing, etc.


Stay tuned for
Launch notes// Count 09.