Sunday, March 2, 2008

Open forum: need killer ideas for a Facebook app...


Need some killer ideas here.

We're building out a Facebook app. for WeareIndia.TV as well.
Suggestions on what this app. should look/work like?

Open to all ideas, but the only guidelines are:

1) The app. shouldn't be complicated to use. Au contraire, even Preetam should be able to use it.
2) Nice to have: a social element to it which would let us make fruitful use of each users contacts(besides spamming them with "Send this to 100 friends to view results.")


> Thoughts in all stages of maturity accepted.
> If you write us a winning product spec., we'll share revenues(from that app) with you.
> All notable ideas get mentioned. Not just on here, but also on our website.


Riff said...

Totally off-topic but on-point: I am glad we are listening.

preetam said...

Thanks for the link, Riff.

The funny thing is, does the discussion need to go to Harvard before companies start recalling a very basic business mantra: "The customer is ALWAYS right."?!

Riff said...

I guess sometimes the obvious has to be pointed out... you would hope that common sense is common.

I do not know if the customer is always right, but to paraphrase Umair Haque: listening to your customer has to be part of your company's DNA.

Anonymous said...

how about how much do you know your country? its boring but might work at an inquisitive level...

preetam said...

anon- good thought. ideas on how we might tie that in with video?

Riff said...

Just to add on to the framework that Preetam outlined: the app has be engaging (yes making it inquisitive is one way).

Hmmm... how about this?

The app plays a video... you have 30 seconds to describe what the video is about? Once you are done, you send the video out to your friends, asking them to describe it... and then the app displays a compatibility/likability you have with a your friends.

Anand Thilakan said...

more ideas for the facebook app:

1) What if you designed a FB app which invited users to put on video the nicest thing they could ever think of doing to a fellow being - animal or human? These could be acts of compassion, love, affection, caring, rescue, bravery, excellence, assistance, etc - all that a modern Indian ought to stand for.

2) WAI shoots the first and last bits of a story (in video). Users are encouraged to login and upload clips in between to try and complete the story in between. Users are free to move around other members' clips to try and make more sense or upload their own clips - at the end of it, they get to save their WAIclips which other users can rate on the basis of innovativeness, adherence to original story board, etc. To make it slightly simpler, WAI could also give out the script in the app and users then only need to put the same on film.

3) The WAIapp throws up a topic of the day, each day which would involve a contest of skill - users need to upload videos to prove the same. Eg.- Day 1: Make the fastest omelette; Day 2: Fastest to tie, untie and re-tie his shoe lace; Day 3: Fastest to remove and re-apply nail enamel; Day 4: Longest period of time a person can be stuck to an object or can hold on to something, etc...