Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are India (..we are running late)

This right from our vacuum-sealed, closely knit, hard working, dedicated, driven, and enthused management team....

We are India.TV is running late. Yes, yes, I know...we are India, we are like this only, we run on Indian Standard Time, yada yada, and yes...we find all that very funny too.

In all honesty, we're working very hard to get this up and running. We have good people working on this, in 4 cities across the world.
And we have attracted a lot of attention, so we're a touch nervous about going live without getting our s**t together.

The good news: we're going to be hosting our media on Amazon S3. Not sure why our CTO didn't bring this up before, but I can't seem to find a better deal (with the same level of reliability) anywhere else.

It's mind-blowing, and it means we're going to be able to serve our content very inexpensively, while offering all our publishers amazing revenue sharing ratios.

The bad news: there is no bad news. It's all good. Be patient, hold your horses, and we'll let you know when we're getting closer to launch.

On behalf of WeareIndia.TV,
- preetam.

P.S.: We've prettied up our home page somewhat. You ought to go take a look: www.WeareIndia.TV


Shiva said...

Cool...Thanks for the update. S3 will be inexpensive...if the content viewers are outside india. Any thoughts on how the access will be impacted with people accessing are spread out. Does S3 have CDN's in the picture too?

preetam mukherjee said...

Good thought, Shiva.

I found the following on integrating S3 with a CDN: http://www.jonathanboutelle.com/mt/archives/2007/11/using_a_cdn_wit.html

Shiva said...

Thats good...cos when the visitors are spread out...this surely will help and you can always play around with how CDNs are used in serving up videos in vogue taking cue from geographical viewer trends.

preetam mukherjee said...

Yup! :)