Monday, February 25, 2008

CTO message: "iPhone rules. We need to be on it."

A longer version of this e-mail came in from Harshal a little while ago. Thought it should go up on here. If PC and Unix geeks with no prior Mac/Apple affiliation or bias are so moved, we need to get our butts moving on this.


iPhone delivers top-notch video. Like no other. Unsurpassed. Crystal-clear, smooth, high quality video.

No matter how much you dislike the iPhone(or "i-Culture"), you will instantly agree that its video delivery just leaves the competition drooling, and thinking about how to play catch-up to the standards set by this beautiful device.

You just need to watch a YouTube video(which looks like crap on a web browser) looking mouth-watering on an iPhone, to know what I mean. It's just hot, hot hot!!

One thing that’s missing: the 3G version of the iPhone. As a customer, I would never want to pay for a low bandwidth video rental service, so advent of a 3G iPhone is what will really bring about the inter-play of utility and entertainment(phone and media delivery).

I think the iPhone will change the mobile market with its capabilities to deliver mind boggling video on demand. YouTube was the first one to tap this market, but with the introduction of the iPhone Development SDK in late February, the iPhone opens up to 3rd party developers as well. We should see lots of interesting apps/services getting on the iPhone soon.

We need to get WeareIndia.TV on the iPhone.