Sunday, February 24, 2008

S3 uploads: a big piece falls into place...

We just got our ingestion & encoding system integrated with Amazon S3.

Took us all of 13 days (since my last post on this) to pull it off, but with some serious bloodshed by Harshal, we now have a big piece of our S3 puzzle resolved.

The challenge wasn't just uploading content, but uploading content in a way that tied in with our complex encoding architecture.
What was also interesting is that Harshal tells me we've moved from FTP, to HTTP POST submission, making the process a lot more secure(now that we're using security keys, security access keys, MD5 hash keys, and what not...!!).

Yes, this is a total pat-in-the-back time for us: first step to being frugally efficient about content delivery.

Stay tuned for some more updates.


Oh and the usual disclaimer quote from Mr. Wolfe: "Well, let's not start [ ] each others' [] quite yet. Phase one is complete, clean the car, which moves us right along to phase two, clean you two."



Shiva said...

Big step over...congrats

preetam said...

Thanks, Shiva!