Thursday, February 28, 2008

Analyze this....

Okay, we've been graphing other people a lot of late. So I figured now that the WeareIndia blog is entering it's second month(of being tracked...), we should graph ourselves, and see what's going on.

1) Here's the first set of graphs, representing our page views, number of unique visitors, and average time spent on the site.
- Page views are up: this is expected, given that traffic and posting frequency has increased..
- Absolute unique visitors are up: this is good news...more people, more new people...very nice!
- Average time on site is up: but marginally so...I'm going to look into this one during our next health checkup. I'd like to see this one become a little more steep than it is right now. Just a wee bit more steep....

2) Here's the second set of graphs, showing our 3 sources of traffic(direct visitors, visitors from referring sites, and visitors from search engines).

- Direct traffic is steady: which is what ZERO marketing and ZERO advertising typically reflects.
- Referral traffic is increasing: I trust you've read the power of links on the web?
- Search engine traffic just spiked: this looks like good news, right? But I looked harder, and found that people are showing up at our site for all the wrong reasons. We're doing a bad job of search engine optimization.
Lesson learned: getting traffic is easy, but getting quality traffic is key.

Overall, I think we need to work on increasing the average time spent on our site, and improve the quality of our search engine traffic. I have a feeling the two have some(not necessarily proportional) relationship to each other.

But here's my favorite graph. It's the loyalty graph. Of all the people that visit us often(at least more than once..), most people have visited us 51-100 times.

Our loyalty equation is that in total, 50% of our visitors have visited us between 15-100 times in the last 2 months.
Here's another way of looking at the same data:

Analyze that.