Monday, February 18, 2008

Interview @ the Indian-European Union Film Initiative

WeareIndia.TV was recently noticed by Pervaiz Alam, Director at the Indian-European Union Film Initiative.

He thought 'WeareIndia.TV' is a super fantastic concept, and went on to interview yours truly about why we're doing what we're doing, and how we'll make it do what it do.

A bit about Pervaiz, from the IEFILMI web site: "The Director of India-EU Film Initiative, Pervaiz Alam, a former award-winning BBC journalist, is also a screenwriter and documentary film-maker. A Senior Broadcast Journalist with BBC World (Television) for almost five years till 2005, Pervaiz worked in the Commissioning Department, and was Channel's London-based producer of several well-established television programmes such as 'Question Time India', 'Question Time Pakistan', 'India Business Report', 'Bollywood Bosses', 'Bollywood Inc.', 'HARDtalk India' and 'Face to Face'".

The interview is at node 914 on IEFILMI.

Do check it out. Try and keep your focus away from the photo.