Saturday, December 29, 2007

update: Thank you for the music, but for how long?

Thanks to Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0, for his vocal critique of everything that the music industry is doing wrong.

It echoes my sentiments in an earlier post: everything you know is WRONG! Get with the program, guys! The digital world is new to you, and by being so old school, you're not helping yourselves or us.


- You(labels/distributors) don't own music. it just can't work that way. Part of the fair use deal is that ownership rests with the creator(the musicians). So move away from screaming "That's MINE!", to telling us politely what we can do with it. (Hint- iTunes...Apple....)

- Your job is to distribute. your business model is to distribute. do it well. Learn the ropes of every distribution avenue(including the Internet).

- We don't *want* to own music. We don't really care. We just want to be able to listen to it anytime, wherever we are, as many times as we like, and move it around from device to device.

- Find a way to associate All my devices with All my music. (Hint: DRM 2.0 involves ubiquity, so get those damn formats to talk to each other)....I'm irritated that I can't move music from my iTunes library to my Axim.

- Please let me listen to an entire song once before I buy it. It's digital(concurrent) and not consumable(perishable) content....if I really like a track, I'll buy it. The 30 second-preview is a turn off...and it's usually useless.

- Chill. It's music we're talking about. Something that's supposed to be fun, entertaining and sometimes relaxing. Don't get all uptight and mean about it. Especially when your audiences are ahead of you in the learning curve of digital distribution. Give us some credit...or not.

- Just listen to us, goddamit.