Monday, December 24, 2007

More Bollywood? And another Box?!!

I thought startups these days (especially the Internet ones) knew that boxing things up, especially for Internet services, isn't a fun thing to do any more.

The Media Center, Akimbo, Dave Networks' XPORT.....they've all failed miserably, burning through millions and millions of dollars, so I was a little frazzled to read about Tinselvision heading down the same path.

Anyway, the gentleman mentioned towards the end of the article probably sums up my perspective on "Bollywood Abroad on Demand".....I'm bored of talking about it. People have too many places to find Bollywood content and you have to be doing something really different with your service to compete with the likes of

I guess my big dilemma about Bollywood on demand is this: an average Bollywood film is about 1.5 times the length of a Hollywood film. That's a good 1.5GB per file. Compress that really well, and you could get away with a 1.2GB file. On an average download speed of 500 Kbps in the US(and I'm being very generous here), that's a 60 minute download. That's like a drive to the local video rental store and back, with groceries in between.
How is that "on demand"?

And I know CDNs are expensive, so am sure hoping Tinselvision has its profitability map worked out, because if you're serving 1600 full length downloads a day........on a CDN....whew. Lots of luck, gentlemen.