Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unboxed. Wildfired.

Gigya + Unbox integration complete. Time taken: 4 minutes + CSS editing time(5 minutes, if you must know).

The outcome is that anyone who wants to take this widget and share it on their blog, social net profile, etc., now can.

Just get to our Login page, and check out the buttons right under the Amazon Unbox widget.

With a single click, you can now take this widget, and post it on any of these web sites. And if you're web savvy, just grab the code("Or Copy Code"), and post it wherever you like.

We're going to switch the listings on the Unbox widget from time to time.

Currently, it's set to show you videos in reverse release date order(oldest first).
Why? For shits and giggles, of course!