Friday, April 25, 2008

The .TV bust- Follow up thought

Riff says:

Online video watching keeps climbing, but there isn't a proportional rise in revenues. So you now have the eyeballs, and apparently eyeballs = money does not really cut it

Stating that coherent business models for online video have not yet emerged is simplifying it... but I believe it is a lot deeper:
We have not been able to fully tap the depth (and breadth) of interaction that the web brings to video. Each time a user interacts with the content he/she adds a certain, extremely tangible value to that content.

It is that value that has not been leveraged to its full potential.


Succinctly put.

- The mad rush for eyeballs is stupid. Visibility does not imply Revenue.
- Coherent biz models are useless in a disruptive world. What worked yesterday will probably not work tomorrow.
- Edge interaction, more often than not, is hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways. Which all brings us back to Umair Haque, Bubble Generation, and how to change the world by living on the edge.


Enough about the bust. We'll talk about the boom very soon.


Riff said...

I would really love to read a post on edge distribution strategies for online video.

The first step/interaction/action on the edge is always personal: as simple as a friend recommending a piece of content to another friend. So I pose the question: how dependent is the success of online video on the creation of open, cohesive and symbiotic social networks? Precisely, what effect will opensocial have on online video?

Mark a Unit said...

lets hope the web 3.0/4.0 coming should solve your problem :)

kenpachigamer / thejollypirate :)