Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whacky touts and broken records

I was at the CES(Consumer Electronics Show...for those of you who're smart enough to be uninterested), in Las Vegas, a few years ago.

Trust me- this(the photo) is ALL that the show is about: A lot of s**t you've already seen or heard of, packaged together in a medley of absolute uselessness.

There is not an iota of innovation and excitement at the CES, but that which is generated through the extraordinarily expensive hype created by the loads of companies out there busying themselves making s**tty consumer electronics.

The underlying theme every year, of course, is that these products will "just work together", "keep us connected", that there will be "explosions" and "flying off shelves"- things that somehow never really happen. At least things that I have never seen happen. Have you?

I could go on, but I won't. I think others are doing a fine job of being more candid with their feelings about CES.
What I will do is point you to the "emerging technologies" at CES 2008 . Draw your own conclusions. (Warning: it's a PDF......)

Basically, I'm not sure if I should scream at Consumers, or Electronics. Because the Show obviously is doing its job of attracting a 100,000 people and making a boat-load of money.

Maybe the new generation of 'leaders' are the ones to blame for making stupid, irrelevant statements like "Our goal at Yahoo! is to make your life easier."(Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo!).

Gee, Jerry.......the Google guys had me sold on 'good' vs. 'evil'.
You're now telling me there's also 'good' versus 'STOOOPID'?!!