Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Show me the money!!

Cynicism aside, I love it when Chris Anderson returns with some meat to fuel the tail. It's incredibly refreshing, and helps me keep focused on the future.

So this time around, I'll deviate from conversation on 'the tail', and focus on a slide that one of my comrades had cooked up a few years ago.
The title of the slide, of course, was: "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" (and I'm not sure if we should be thanking Jerry Maguire here, so to be safe....thanks, Jerry Maguire!).

These days, I'm officially scared of using the phrase 'business model'(we'll go into that another time), but Chris uses it, and he's entitled to, so I'll ride his tide on this one:
"What does the media business model mean?"

[Revenue models for INTERNET TV PUBLISHERS]
(with mild value-added categorization...)

* CPM ads
* CPC ads
* CPT ads
* Sponsorships
* Streaming Video Advertising

* Subscription revenues
* User generated (value)content
* Live events
* Licensing of brand
* Licensing of content
* "Souvenirs"/"Merchandise"
* E-commerce

* Affiliate revenues
* Upgraded service/content
* Alternate output
* Custom services/feeds
* Listings
* API Fees

Have been reading a lot lately on Hollywood griping about how there's not enough money to be made on the Internet(which, frankly, is rubbish) and Bollywood running around looking for eyeballs, pretending like that's the real scarcity(which, more obviously, is also rubbish).

So I figured the above(with much thanks to Michael Cader, Fred Wilson and Chris Anderson) could go some way in laying out some ideas for how to make money(ahem...monetize).

Disclaimer: we're still talking monetization. The profitability equation involves a longer, deeper strategic analysis, and it took us seven maids with seven mops sweeping for a few years to build the profitability road map.
Which we are happy to share with our patrons.

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