Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aah! We are India.

It'd be fair to say that we're all very excited about WeareIndia.TV

The name means a lot to us. We are a representation of India's evolution....a portrayal of the depth and diversity of our culture. We are a democracy in action. We are India.

We'll be doing things a little differently here.

For starters, we're going to compromise on glamour, to achieve simplicity. We've looked and looked, and then looked some more at Indian media sites and yes, some are actually artistic, but then they're all either too cluttered (making it HARD to find what we want on a page), or they're not intuitive (making us wonder if we've actually arrived at the right page!). So we're going to solve that problem upfront and entertain our viewers- without further complicating their lives.

Then- as you can tell, we're getting very preachy with democracy. It's not that we like to preach- matter of fact, we positively dislike preachers. The point we're trying to make is that we're very interested in what you, dear viewers, have to say.
'We are India' isn't about shoving things down your throat- it's about you biting on whatever you find to be tasty. And if you don't find anything to your taste, let us know and we'll get off our chairs and do something about it.

Finally, we want to build up a space that people are actually happy to come back to. Not for our unique service, but because we actually enjoy your company. We value meaningful relationships, and your participation will not only enrich the site, but bring back to you personal(ized) experiences that will introduce you a new world of Internet video.


- The WeAreIndia team.